September 4, 2014 Rajuju

Tried & True Co Selector Series | Volume Ele

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Born in Sonora, Mexico and raised in Arizona, Ele has always been influenced by a multitude of sounds. Even though she goes back and forth between mixing platforms, she spent her first 10 years DJing strictly vinyl – seamlessly blending deep house, drum and bass, hip hop, downtempo and much more. With a solid vinyl education and base, she understands the intricacies of sound – how each melody, rhythm and instrument comes together to create a feeling or mood.

Now, Ele is one of the most respected DJ’s in San Diego and go-to for party promoters and friends alike who want a good music vibe and with a sense of humor. She currently holds residencies at Essentials and the popular Art In The Park monthly – which fuses music and art. These days you’ll find Ms. Ele spending most of her time in the studio working on production.

1. Freekin U – Benji B Edit
2. That’s How Life Goes (remix) – Neguim Beats x Janita
3. It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – (Whitney Houston) Raez Remix
4. I have feelings – Kxngs
5. Rolling Up – Tekdotlun
6. Crystal Waters – Atlantic Connection
7. At Night – Ele
8. Just Kickin It – Xscape
9. Dimes – Ahwlee
10. Trust Us – Sang
11. Thankful – Iamnobodi
12. Funkdafied – Da Brat
13. Back and Forth – Aaliyah
14. Tell Me – Groove Theory
15. Candy Rain (remix) – Unkown
16. Anything – SWV

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